One of the most beautiful states in the country, Tennessee’s landscape is rich and diverse,known for its mountains and green valleys.  No place better reflects the dichotomy between the Old South and the New South than Tennessee. Major urban centres such as Nashville and Memphis reflect the state’s rich musical heritage- a major centre for rock and roll, blues and particularly country music.


One of America’s most culturally interesting cities, Memphis is known mainly for its association with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s and its music scene. A major hub for Civil Rights campaigners due to its large African American population, it was also the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s tragic assassination. Memphis is well-known for its thriving and immensely influential music scene, with its ties to Elvis Presley a major part of this. Furthermore, it is home to the pioneering Memphis blues sound and a major country music hub.


Route 66

Route 66

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