Texas is enormous. With over 268,000 sq miles of land, and 25 million people, this Lone Star State is the second largest in the US in both size and population. If Texas’ land was a country, it would be the 40th largest.

The state is commonly divided into seven regions, each with its own version of the ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ attitude! Covering the whole state in one trip may be ambitious, but breaking it down by regions will help. From the fashionable city of Dallas in the East, to El Paso’s Tex-Mex vibe in the West, the vast lands of Texas have one thing in common: Texas pride.

Who wouldn’t be proud of cowboy boots, southern drawls, saloons and pickup trucks? If you’re not proud, Texans have the love it-or-leave it attitude, so saddle up your horse and giddy on out of there.

‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’ is the theme throughout this vast state. The East contains big malls, big SUVs and girls with big hair. The West has big museums, large parks, and of course, big enchiladas. Barbecue, country music and football can be found all across the state.

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Route 66

Route 66

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