French Polynesia

Slap-bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a collection of islands known as French Polynesia, which fall under the administration of France. These include the Society Islands, the Leeward Islands and the Austral Islands. Amongst the most beautiful locales in the world, French Polynesia is an idyllic Pacific paradise known for serene, perfect beaches and top-quality deep-sea diving.


Tahiti is a paradise on earth and the island of love. Its wild and varied beauty and picture postcard blue skies and transparent lagoons led the original European travellers to believe this was a paradise on earth.

Tahiti is the economic, cultural and political centre of French Polynesia and the largest and most well known in the Windward group of French Polynesia but is only part of the picture. The island is located in the archipelago of the Society Islands in the central Southern Pacific Ocean, and is divided into two parts: The bigger, northwestern part Tahiti Nui and the smaller, southeastern part Tahiti Iti. Tahiti was originally settled by Polynesians between 300 and 800CE. They represent about 70 percent of the island’s population with the rest made up of Europeans, Chinese and those of mixed heritage.

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