Globe Trekker – Volume 2

Track Listing:

  1. Streets of Bagdhad
    (India) by Nina Miles & Jonathan Miles rec. by Nomad.
  2. Hal's Theme
    (Argentina) by Colin Winston-Fletcher.
  3. Canadia Suite
    (Arctic Canada) by The Insects.
  4. Mbuti
    (Uganda) by Ian Ritchie.
  5. Back to Beirut
    (Israel) by Nina Miles & Jonathan Miles rec. by Nomad.
  6. Shark Callers' Song
    (Fiji) Trad. arr. Nainita Desai & Malcolm Laws.
  7. Water
    (Argentina) by Colin Winston-Fletcher.
  8. Violin on The Rocks
    (Scotland) Trad. arr. Amanda Kramer.
  9. Rodeo Costa Rica
    (Costa Rica) by Mark Tayler.
  10. Galician Journey
    (Spain) by Michael Conn.
  11. Dhola-Re
    (India) by The West India Company.
  12. Spanish
    (Rio de Janeiro) by Daniel Pemberton.
  13. Marmot
    (Mongolia) by The Insects.
  14. Damascus Dance
    (Syria) by Nina Miles and Jonathan Miles.
  15. Praise
    (Caribbean) by Jon Wygens.

Since the first Globe Trekker TV show was produced, the team of composers who create the soundtrack have been pushing back the boundaries of television music. The scores blendmusic and sounds recorded on location into compositions and arrangements by musicians more usually associated with hit records and classical albums.

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