Malaysia Recipes – Roti Canai

Paratha is a crispy South Indian flatbread, that has become a famous Malaysian delicacy known as Roti Canai.

The original paratha is a plain pastry (tasty nevertheless!), however in Malaysia it’s transformed to include several delicious, but optional fillings from bananasbutter,eggs, to other more exotic tastes.

Roti Canai is usually served with several Indian curriesdhal (lentils) or sambar (mixed vegetable). Some people also have it with fish or chicken.


  • 600 gm Plain flour
  • 1 Tablespoon salt
  • 1 Cup warm water
  • Sugar to taste
  • Ghee


1. Mix salt with flour and sieve into a bowl.

2. Add sugar if necessary.

3. Add water and knead into dough no longer sticks to hand.

4. Knead till it feels ‘elastic’.

5. Divide into 8 portion, return to bowl, brush it with ghee and cover with damp cloth leaving for 2 hour.

6. Take 1 portion, spread a little ghee on top and flatten with hands.

7. Pick up flattened dough by the edges and swirl in circular motion until dough thins out.

8. Fold dough to form a square and flatten out again.

9. Repeat process to trap air in layers of dough.

10. Flatten once again and fry on heated flat pan or iron griddle till cooked.

11. Remove and serve hot with dhal or any curry of your choice (see also Chicken Curry, Mutton Kurma, Beef Rendang).