Trekking the Mountains of the Moon

Trekking the Mountains of the Moon

Trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains

Trek Essentials

Where: The Great Rift Valley, bordering Uganda and Congo
Best sights: Misty clouds and epic mountain panoramas
Remember to bring: Your wellies and a good guide
Watch out for: Treacherous bogs and constant rains

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The Rwenzori mountain range stretches for sixty miles along the Ugandan-Congo (Zaire) border. Often dubbed ‘the Mountains of the Moon’, their glacial summits are enshrouded in cloud and midst for much of the year. The Rwenzoris were formed millions of years ago when violent tectonic activity forced together two halves of the African continent, creating theGreat Rift Valley.

The Rwenzoris offer challenging trekking opportunties through difficult terrain – a combination of dense forests and boglands. The highest peak in the range is Marghuerita Summit on Mount Stanley. At a staggering 15,000ft, this is the third highest point in all of Africa.

Trekker’s Tips

image: rwenzori map

The Rwenzoris are notoriously wet, even during the dry seasons (May to October and November to March). Make sure you have adequate wet weather clothing and foot wear. Many people wear wellies for the entire trek.

Guides and porters are essential for trekking in the Rwenzoris. If your headed for Marghuerita Summit expect to pay about three hundred dollars for the six days trek, as well as tips and park entry fees.

Overnight accommodation in the mountains is available in huts. These are very basic, you’ll need to take your own bedding and cooking equipment.

More Information

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Uganda Rwenzori – A Range of Images, by David Pluth. Little Wolf Press 1996.

By Susi O’Neill


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