Considered the cradle of humanity, as the location of the earliest found human remains, Ethiopia’s culture and history is as rich as it is extensive. It is a land of fascinating history and thriving culture, best epitomised through its distinctive and delicious cuisine and versatile and unique music.

These cultural and historical riches are complimented by astounding natural beauty. Ethiopia is a far cry from the arid desert state many believe it to be. The land-locked country is home to jaw-dropping mountain ranges, vast lakes and lush greenery, populated by a vast number of flora and fauna endemic only to Ethiopia.

Quite simply, Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most unique and spectacular countries.


Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most diverse countries. With a massive population of over 100 million, Ethiopia is mainly comprised of the Oromo and Amhara peoples, who comprise a combined 52% of the country’s people.

However, Somali and Tigray populations also make up a significant portion of the country’s population.

There are an estimated 80 different ethnic groups in total in Ethiopia. Christianity is the dominant religion, with 63% of the population adhering to it. There is also a large Muslim population, accounting for 34% of the population.

Music is considered to be one of the Ethiopian people’s greatest forms of cultural expression, featuring unique, diverse styles and lyricism centering around themes of partyism, national pride and unity.

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