Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a land of vibrant colors. From the primary hues of the Puerto Rican parrot, to coastal waters ranging from translucent turquoise to deep dark blue, to sunsets that reflect the shades of a tropical cocktail – the island’s appeal is undeniable. Exotic fruits and fiery pique (hot sauce) draw eyes in the local market, and lush rainforests, vibrant festivals, bright local flavors, and bio-luminescent bays bombard visitors in the best way.

Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, is not large in size yet it offers impressive ecological diversity and natural attractions. The island has indigenous culture, remnants of Spanish colonial heritage, and a perceptible African influence.

Visitors can gallop across a fabulous stretch of beach on horseback, glide through a glittering bay by kayak at night, and explore mysterious caves, massive sinkholes, and some of the Caribbean’s best preserved rainforests and most fascinating wildlife. This “island of enchantment” is strikingly romantic, spirited, and surprisingly accessible.

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