The first image of Austria is one of white, snow-capped peaks, stunning natural beauty and charming houses nestled on quiet lakes; but to visit this wonderful country is to see so much more. Austria has something for everyone, regardless of tastes or budgets. Whether you fancy sunbathing, taking in fascinating museums and restaurants, or getting a charge from ice climbing, paragliding or canyoning, you can find it all here.

Situated in the centre of Europe between Switzerland and Hungary with a population of over 8 million, Austria is two thirds mountainous, dominated by the Alps on the Italian border. Within the mountains some glaciers can be found, and most of the peaks rise well above 10,000ft. The Danube is perhaps the country’s most famous natural feature, and its valley is so fertile that 90% of Austria’s food is home grown.

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Bazaar – Vienna

Bazaar – Vienna

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Pilot Pocket Guides Vienna

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