Norway is a place of great extremes – in temperature, in light and darkness, in cost, and most significantly in beauty. Few countries can boast the immensity of natural beauty that Norway has to offer. It’s small population has resulted in vast, unspoiled vistas, while its unique geography provides some amazingly beautiful mountainous landscapes, and the worlds most accessible polar region. Natural beauty also comes in the form of a diverse range of unusual wildlife, such as whales, polar bears and reindeer; and in the famous and unique Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Another national phenomenon is that of the ‘midnight sun’, making Norway one of few where over the summer, the sun never sets below the horizon.

Norway is also one of few places world-wide to offer year round skiing, as well as a host of other adventurous outdoor activities, while for those who desire a less active break, Norway also has popular and cosmopolitan European cities – the bustling capital, Oslo, and the famously attractive city of Bergen, European City of Culture for 2000, and the train journey between the two cities is said to be one of the most attractive in Europe.

The far northern end of Norway makes up a large part of Sami Land, better known as Lapland, which reaches across the top of Norway, Sweden, Finland and even as far as Russia. The area is named after the indigenous people, the Sami, though many people visit the area for its more famous (though fictional) inhabitants, Santa and his elves!

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