The diversity of experience and life in Spain is immeasurable. It is probably Europe’s most geographical diverse country, ranging from the near-deserts of eastern Andalusia to the green countryside and deep coastal inlets of Galicia. But contrary to popular belief, there’s a great deal more to Spain than concrete apartment blocks and the Costa del Sol.

The country covers over nearly 300,000 sq miles making it the second biggest country in Western Europe. Travel is easy, accommodation plentiful, the climate generally benign, the people relaxed and fun loving, the beaches long and sandy, and food and drink easy to come by and full of regional variation.

It is also well known for its plethora of colourful fiestas and unbelievably vibrant nightlife. It’s not suprising that more than 40 million foreigners a year take holidays in Spain.

It’s a phenomenal land to discover the unique people and characteristics of each contrasting region and also a wealth of vibrant history from great 20th century artists (Dali, Picasso, Miro), to the prehistoric. Architecture is glorious – influences from the Romans, Moors and Catholicism have created an amazing blend of styles in Spain. From stunning coastal cities like Barcelona that have captured the imagination of the world to vibrant and unique regional cultures and the cool clublife of the Balearic islands – the party never stops in Spain.

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Metropolis – Barcelona

Metropolis – Barcelona

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