One of the most amazing things about the Balkans is that you can be dancing away in a bar in an exciting, modern European city and – just 10 miles away – is a village that hasn’t changed in a century. The countries of Serbia, Bosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegro, and Kosovo – were all part of the former Yugoslavia, and so share several characteristics, but in other ways are very different. Travellers will notice huge variations in culture, language, food and landscapes when travelling through this region. The combination of lush mountains, idyllic beaches, canyons, remote villages and exciting cities makes this a fantastic region to explore, with something for everyone.

In terms of tourism, Serbia is still a relatively unknown country, despite being so near to both Italy and Greece. It’s a great time to visit and to explore the rugged mountain scenery, untamed forests, and vibrant cities. And, to check out some of the traditional ways of life.

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