Deep South USA

Otherwise know as the ‘Bible Belt’; it’s home to the American Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, the birthplace of blues, jazz and rock and roll, but its greatest boast is that good old Southern hospitality, only found in the Deep South & Southern USA.

The Deep South folk are conservative, fundamentalist and dominated by Southern Baptists. Here, God has a real personal presence in many people’s lives. It is also snake country and some people believe that the snake is the embodiment of the devil. Down here, the life seems simplified; the big-hearted folks of the Deep South seem genuinely pleased to see you.

The beer is cold, the food comes piled high on your plate. The region is a little at odds with time and life seems to have slowed down. The Deep South is like a jammed little juke box bursting with the sounds of times gone by. It is the place that North America left behind in the wake of its whirlwind of progress and business, and the pulsing heart at the Mississippi River‘s end.

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Route 66

Route 66

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