Europe’s most-populated country and most significant economic powerhouse, Germany is often unfairly overlooked in favour of the more glamorous France and Italy as a major holiday destination. However, it is filled to the brim with an embarrassment of natural, cultural and historical riches. Major cities like Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Leipzig are amongst the most thriving urban centres on the continent. Germany boasts spectacular historical landmarks such as Cologne Cathedral and Neuschwanstein Castle as well as some of the most beautiful alpine forests on the continent.


As far as European capital cities go, Berlin has flown under the radar for years. It lacks the iconography and beauty of its peers such as London or Paris. However, in recent years, Berlin has cemented itself as the trendiest city on the continent. Known for its thriving nightlife, artistic riches and affordability, Berlin has become a major hub for creatives fleeing the expenses of other major European cities. Boasting some of the continent’s best museums, galleries and nightclubs, Berlin is also an increasingly important city for commerce, with the technology and film industries exerting an increasingly large presence within the city.


The capital of the affluent Southern state of Bavaria, Munich is historically known as one of the most prosperous parts of the country. It is known for its historical background, exemplified by its stunning architecture. It also played a major role during the Second World War. In modern days, Munich is one of Germany’s most significant economic centres, with many multinational companies headquartered there. Culturally, its identity is synonymous with the annual celebration of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival, which draws over 6 million visitors to the city every year.


Bazaar – Berlin

Bazaar – Berlin

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Pilot Pocket Guides Berlin

Pilot Pocket Guides Berlin

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