Libya is the land that the west forgot, with incredible ancient architecture and stunning scenery. It is a melting pot of different people because of Gadafi’s open door policy where people from all over Africa can come here without a passport. With a tiny population of just four million, it’s an unusual and remote spot for tourism, which is virtually non-existent at present. However, it’s an undiscovered gem for the adventurous traveller, with legacies of both Greek and Roman history in Leptis Magma and arid, unspoilt deserts.


Libya is a dry country and suffers from ghibli, a sandy wind which can make the temperature shoot up and can last several days. The steamy heat of summer can reach up to 50C, and is best avoided. It is fortunate that the desert oasis with acacia, fig and date plants provide a little shade in this wilderness.

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World of Ceramics

World of Ceramics

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