If you are looking for pristine beaches, lush tropical weather and communities that are barely touched by mass tourism, then Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic may just be your ideal holiday destinations. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean; in fact all the other Caribbean islands could fit into it! Cuba is one of the few remaining Communist countries in the world, which means that the country is not jaded by hordes of tourists (particularly as in theory Americans are banned from entry) and it is guaranteed to possess a uniquely different atmosphere than the rest of the Capitalist west.

Just to the east of Cuba is Hispaniola, the island which is home to Haiti on the West and the Dominican Republic on the East. Despite sharing one island, the culture and people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic are very different. When in Haiti, you will hear Creole being spoken as the language of choice, and you may witness the traditional presence of Voodoo. Cross over to the Dominican Republic and you will hear Spanish and notice that the Dominicans have discarded their African religions and instead embraced Christianity. Although Haiti is the poorest country in the West and the Dominican Republic and Cuba also face their share of monetary problems, any visit to this region will surely be rich in cultural experiences.

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