Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital and centre of government in the United Arab Emirates. The city has many large gardens and parks, modern high-rise buildings and international hotel and retail chains. 

For a long time the region was much less attractive to tourists, but a change in ruler in 2004 began to change that. The new ruler loosened alcohol restrictions and allowed land sales to foreigners in a bid to attract tourism. The city also underwent a construction boom, resulting in the modern architecture and high-rise buildings located around the city. 

Abu Dhabi has a diverse, multicultural society which combined with the socioeconomic development in the Gulf has resulted in tolerance and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The diverse population has also influenced the growing number of Asian and Western schools, restaurants and stores. 

Arab food is very popular and widely available from both street vendors and upscale restaurants and hotels. While not illegal, the sale and consumption of pork and alcohol is regulated and sold only to non-Muslims in certain areas.


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