The State of Kuwait is situated in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia, bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Historically, it was a prosperous trade port, but the early twentieth century saw its regional economic importance decline, along with its importance in global trade. Nonetheless, Kuwait has  a successful petroleum-based economy. 

The majority of Kuwait’s citizen population is Muslim, but the state also has a small native Christian community. The official language spoken is Modern Standard Arabic, but colloquial dialects do exist. English is widely understood and is usually used as the official business language. Kuwait has a dry desert climate, with very hot summers and chilly and windy winters. 

Citizens of the USA and most European countries do not need an advance visa to enter Kuwait; they will be issued a 3 month visitor visa upon arrival.

Much of the tourism in Kuwait is centred around Kuwait City, the state’s capital city. It is a busy city, full of high-rise office buildings, luxury hotels and manicured parks and gardens. Its seaport is constantly being utilised by cargo ships, oil tankers and many private vessels. The city’s most dominant landmarks are the Liberation Tower, the Grand Mosque and the Kuwait Towers.

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