If you’re swept away by the romance of a thousand and one Arabian Nights or fascinated by the history of Lawrence of Arabia, the Middle East can offer you so many charms. You can shop endlessly for treasures in the souks or while away the afternoon drinking tea and smoking nargila in the lands known as the “cradle of civilization.” You can absolutely exhaust yourself studying Arabic ancient history, or lose yourself in the modern day Middle East.

Lebanon has up-to-the-minute nightlife in Beirut’s sleek clubs, bars and restaurants or travel back 14 centuries into the desert with the Bedouins on their camels.

Jordan offers spectacular rock climbing and hiking in the ruins of Wadi RumPetra and the Dead Sea Hills. Lebanon is effectively reclaiming its title as the “Paris of the Middle East” and regaining its culture, cosmopolitan air and charm. Syria is just learning to be a tourist attraction, which makes for an extremely interesting unspoilt visit. Jordan is great for more rugged adventure travel, though some extremely luxurious spas and resorts are springing up around the Dead Sea.

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World of Ceramics

World of Ceramics

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