Midwest USA

The American Midwest, known as “America’s Heartland,” is comprised of several states in the northern and middle region of the United States. The Great Lakes, the deepest and largest of which is massive Lake Superior, are partially in this region, sharing some borders with Canada. Culture and lifestyle varies greatly between urban and rural environments and across state borders.

The people of the Midwest are known as being friendly and relaxed. Agriculture, industry, and manufacturing are important in the region, though there are also large expanses of undeveloped wilderness and many lakes and rivers. Much of the country’s soybeans, corn, wheat, and wild rice, are produced in the Midwest states. Some of the nation’s most important historic figures resided in or had strong influence in the Midwest including the famous Abraham Lincoln, whose former residence and burial tomb are located in Springfield, Illinois.

Cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Detroit are important music centers for genres such as jazz, Motown, blues, rock and roll, house, and hip hop. Chicago, the largest city in the Midwest, boasts incredible architecture, attractive urban design, some of the country’s first and tallest skyscrapers, and one of the world’s top museums – The Art Institute.

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Route 66

Route 66

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