Bolivia is a country of unique qualities, unpredicatable and extreme, it needs no embellishment to entice its visitors. Reaching from the depths of the Amazon to the highest city in the world, Bolivia spans such a scale of diversity in its landscape, culture and climate that visitors are constantly confronted with new challenges and awe inspiring experiences. In only a matter of hours, you are able to travel from the lure of pink dolphins and piranaha fish, in the balmy heat of the Yungas, to the alpacas and llamas, in the cold chill of the Antiplano.

Although economically, Bolivia is the poorest country in South America, it stands out from its neighbours as perhaps the country richest in its range of natural qualities and its untold secrets. It is this secrecy that is perhaps the strongest attraction to Bolivia for the independant traveller. Landlocked between Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, Bolivia has managed to escape mainstream tourist interest. Here, Bolivia sits quietly retaining its mystery and sense of adventure.

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