Peru borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and the Pacific Ocean. With a population of approximately 26 million people, Peru is a large and diverse country both geographically and culturally. The country can easily satisfy all kinds of travellers due to its rich history, archaeological monuments, landscape, music and gastronomy. Mountains, beaches, and the Amazon jungle host remarkable cities and villages with friendly and hospitable people.

Lima is the capital of Peru and is a place where you can experience everything about Peruvian culture. The marks of a long colonial history have caused an amazing blend of western and eastern characteristics in architecture, music and gastronomy. A lively atmosphere, streets full of life, music and colour attract more and more visitors every year. To explore the coasts, climb high peaks, wander through a phenomenally varied eco-system – from arid deserts to the Amazon jungle – admire ancient civilizations and taste tropical fruits and unusual fish, a visit to Peru is a must!

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