With over 4,000 years of history encompassing the most fascinating ancient history on earth, few countries boast as much as Egypt for historical sites, priceless treasures, and mystical intrigue. Situated on the north-eastern corner of Africa, Egypt welcomes millions of tourists a year, making it one of the most heavily visited countries on earth. With some creativity, travellers can still discover Egypt’s hidden treasures and avoid most of the crowds by heading west and east away from the Nile Delta to the little visited desert oases and rugged Sinai Peninsula.

Start by exploring the frantic, bustling capital of Cairo, wandering down the narrow alleys of and making a pilgrimage to the iconic Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world. Head west to the desert, stopping at the tiny, lush oases of Siwa and Kharga that serve as vital resting places for nomadic tribes. Arrive in Luxor, in the lower Nile Valley, where visits to the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings (resting place of Tutankamun’s Tomb) can be complemented with a sunrise balloon ride over the desert.

Head further south to the Sudanese border, visiting one of Egypt’s most famous sites, the temples of Abu Simbel. Travel back up north, relaxing on the many beaches of the Red Sea coast, before reaching the rugged Sinai Peninsula, where fantastic diving in Ras Mohammad and the Straits of Tiran can be combined with intriguing desert treks.

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The Mahdi

The Mahdi

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