It’s a massive land the size of continental USA covering nearly half of South America, and the 5th largest country in the world and with a population of 150 million people, it’s the largest Catholic nation on earth. It’s an urban city, with most of its population centred in the major cities – Sao Paulo, a massive population of 17 million,  Rio de Janeiro, a beach-tourist’s paradise and carnival epicentre of the world, and also home to the best hiking and climbing within its state. Only in Brazil can you discover a mixing of cultures, people, traditions and ancient verses modern civilizations.

It’s a passionate country, of rhythm, football, adrenalin and drama and its energy and colour has inspired the western world. It’s also the official home of the party – with Festivals taking on monumental significance, and the legendary Rio Carnival is the biggest and most exuberant street party of earth. In contrast, the mystique of the tropical rainforests of the Amazon, the most diverse eco-system on earth and the world’s biggest jungle, has become a focus for explorers and intrepid travellers throughout time. The Pantanal wetlands south of the Amazon is the world’s largest wetlands and holds a massive concentration of flora and fauna.

One of the first things you notice in any Brazilian city is the number of street kids. Half the population is under 20 and there’s no welfare system. The northeast is the poorest part of Brazil and the cities have the worst social problems.

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